The Apogee Business Model & Goal

The business model of Apogee Development LLC involves the use of creative thinking and innovation in approach to produce and deliver quality and affordable real estate development solutions to our customers. We are focused on community and economic development market opportunities in Southern New Jersey, the Mid-Atlantic Region, and the Philadelphia Metro area.

Apogee owns and operates retail stores as an extension of its real estate development business, and, at once, as an integral component of the company business model. The approach adds sustainability to redevelopment projects where capital subsidies are normally required to complete an economic transformation of a commercial, residential mixed-use property.

Our target markets are those direct consumers, organizations, government, and other third-party payer entities who need affordable housing solutions, commercial and retail space specifically designed to influence and promote community and economic development change in community, neighborhood, and retail business market areas; such areas are often in physical and economic distress. Our goal is to transform distressed properties into viable and sustainable components of neighborhood and community socio-economic fabric.

To achieve our business goal, we are committed to ongoing development using innovative business approaches – best practices in construction project management, as well as business development and management operations that encourage service integration techniques,  and the extended use of information and alt-energy technologies to support and extend transformative development solutions.